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    Central Coast HIV/AIDS Services  

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    HIV Testing: Anonymous or Confidential  
    Free and Confidential HIV testing is available Monday-Friday at both CCHAS locations. If you would like to be tested, please call to schedule an appointment. All HIV testing and pre/post test counseling is conducted by California State Certified HIV Test Counselors.

Because of budget shortfalls, we are currently only testing individuals who display high-risk behavior. Individuals who are deemed low risk are referred to a partner agency (i.e. planned parenthood, NIDO clinic, private physicians, etc.)

We use a non-invasive method called OraQuick HIV Rapid Test which tests mucosal transudate fluid for HIV Antibodies. Its accuracy is comparable to a blood test.

Results take approximately 20 minutes.

    Emotional Support  
    Time is precious for those who have embarked upon their journey with HIV/AIDS. The psychological and emotional impact of this disease can be devastating, and the need for emotional support and healing is paramount and continuous. For many, the fear has left them isolated and alone. Our goal is to reach out and make the connections. CCHAS can visit people in their homes, at shelters, in hospitals, or hospices. Our services extend to affected loved ones as well as those grappling with HIV. Our services ensure that no one will face a crisis alone.  

  Client Services


Client Services is the result of merging the former Housing Department with the Emotional/End-of-Life Services department. The benefit to doing this is that HIV+ individuals can receive support and care from a diverse staff trained to provide a full-spectrum of services. Our goal is to create an atmosphere which is dedicated to the holistic well-being of our clients. 

Summary of client services: 

Permanent Supportive Housing:   

Casa de Paz - Through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Supportive Housing Program, CCHAS provides permanent and supportive housing for homeless individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS in a scattered site master lease project. Ten 1-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom units with comprehensive wrap-around services that include; case management, food vouchers and taxi vouchers ensures maximum client benefit. (12 units/14 beds)

Shelter Plus CARE II - In its second viable partnership, CCHAS again collaborates with the Housing Authority for the County of Monterey in providing permanent supportive housing for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. This collaboration includes other nonprofit agencies that serve the disabled community - Veterans Transition Center and Interim, Inc. (5 units/9beds)

Calm Waters: A permanent housing program administered by CCHAS, designed to provide supportive housing for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS through tenant-based rental assistance. (12 households)

Emergency Shelter: 
Through HOPWA and other funding, CCHAS is able to get people off the streets immediately through short-term motel vouchers.  

Rental/utility/security deposit assistance: 
Assists income-eligible clients with short-term emergency assistance of up to $100/month or $650 per year.

Supportive Services:   
Personal housing plans, AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) enrollment, benefits management, asset advocacy, streamlined food pantry access, transportation assistance, medical referral, community based referrals, case management, employment and education planning and coaching. 

Emotional/End-of-Life Services: 
One-on-one & couples emotional support, friendly visitor program, support for friends and family, support groups, Children's Toy Drive, free lending library, cremation assistance, memorial service coordination, HIV education for those living with HIV+, outreach for Counseling and Therapy Services (CATS).

Counseling and Therapy Services ("CATS")
Low cost individual, couples or family therapy.

Therapists qualified for diverse needs:

  • People impacted by HIV/AIDS (living with HIV/AIDS or a family member, friend, or partner
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning individuals

If you would like to receive low-cost confidential counseling to improve your mental or emotional health, please call Eric at (831) 442-3959 or send an email to [email protected]. Our qualified and caring staff will discuss the program with you and sign you up. Signing up only takes a few minutes.

These services are bilingual (English and/or Spanish) and are available in Seaside, Salinas and Monterey!

CATS services are provided by the Mental Health Services Act through collaboration with Community Human Services and Central Coast HIV/AIDS Services.

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"I really enjoy the communication and contact I have with clients. Even tasks that might appear to be small can make big differences in people's lives. I love volunteering here".

     -Dottie, Volunteer 


"Your kindness and sympathy at this time of sorrow has been greatly appreciated by our family. Your assistance with funeral expenses has helped tremendously in the hardest times of grief in the burial of our beloved brother. During this time of sorrow, we learn how much our friends really mean to us".

Emotional/End-of-Life Program Participant


"I would like to tell you how grateful I am for the help you have given me. We are a family of six. My household income hardly allows us to meet our monthly payments with nothing left over. Thanks to you, my kids get Christmas presents every year and my husband and I have access to the medications that we need to take. Thank you very much for your help".

     -Guadalupe, Client 


"I was tested two years ago and found out that I was HIV positive. Life has been a rollercoaster ever since. Your agency has shown me that I can keep living with HIV. If it was not for this agency, I may have never found out that I was HIV positive, and many other people could have been infected".

     -Anonymous - Client